policy, legislation and regulation to support and encourage local food production

Edible Pocket Gardens (AUS)
City of Palmerston, Northern Territory

City policy that allows residents to grow edible plants in their local parks subject to guidelines and permissions.

Urban Agriculture (US)

San Francisco's Urban Agriculture Incentive Zone

City ordinance that allows owners of vacant property to apply for tax reduction in exchange for putting their land into agricultural use for at least five years, with conditions designed to ensure community engagement - interfacing with the public, through either distribution or sales of food; educational activities such as classes and workshops; or the site used as a community garden with members other than the property owner's family.

Shared Yards (Canada)

The Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie by laws (French)

This borough of Montreal has amended its by laws to permit the rental of yards for community gardening.

Verge Gardens (Australia):

Brisbane City Council verge guidelines

Council policy which allows residents to plant gardens on council property, as long as they follow basic guidelines

Verge Gardens (Australia):

Perth, Bayswater Council verge guidelines

Council policy which sets out common sense guidelines for planting on verges

Edible Pocket Gardens (Australia)

Perth, Bayswater Council food production in public parks

Council have simplified a process that allows residents to plant fruit and veg in public parks

Aquifer Storage & Recovery (Australia):

South Australian Environmental Protection Authority Code of Practice

EPA Guideline for water conservation via aquifer storage and reuse

Green Roofs (Canada):

City of Toronto Green Roof bylaw

City bylaw that enables construction of green roofs on new or existing buildings

Neighborhood Food Act (US):

Personal Agriculture: Restrictions, AB 2561

Legislation that guarantees residents' rights to grow food for personal consumption by voiding contrary language in lease agreements or homeowner’s association agreements

Farm to Plate is Vermont’s food system plan being implemented statewide by the 350+ member organizations of the Farm to Plate Network - objectives include protection of farmland and increasing local food availability and affordability.

Food Strategy (Belgium)

Gent En Garde Food Policy

The city's food policy includes five strategic goals for a sustainable food system, and establishment of a Food Policy Council


VegeSafe is a free trace element testing service offered by Environmental Science staff at Macquarie University, enabling communities to finding out what contaminants are in their vegetable patch or home yard soils: http://research.science.mq.edu.au/vegesafe

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