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    AUDAcities is allied with global organisations working on 'design global, manufacture local'
    research, advocacy and practice:

    The P2P Foundation is a non profit organisation and international network which researches, documents and promotes activity that supports the transitioning towards a commons-based, peer-to-peer society.


    P2PF maintain an extensive repository of concepts, research and case studies relevant to 'design global, manufacture local' (also known as Cosmo-Localization) - an emerging productive model that builds on the convergence of the digital commons of knowledge, software and design with local manufacturing technologies:


    Knowledge Base:








    What Is Distributed Manufacturing? - Commons Transition Primer


    Sustainable Manufacturing - focusing on the link between open hardware, distributed manufacturing, and ecological/sustainability concerns.


    Thermodynamic Efficiencies - research project to calculate the effectiveness of commons-based peer production, with its intensive mutualisation of knowledge and material infrastructures, in reducing the use of materials and energy of our production systems.

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