• Transforming Production

    A revolution is underway in material production, in agriculture, construction and manufacturing. A global design commons now provides people with opportunities to draw on a global legacy of human creativity.


    New technologies allow people to produce locally what was previously only possible by large companies. Find out what this revolution means for industry, for government policy and for society.


    Jose Ramos


    The Real Circular Economy


    For cities to have a circular economy, they must be producing more of what they need locally, in order to complete the circle. A circular economy aims to bend our linear, extractive take-make-waste material economy - but can it outlast our extractive financial economy?


    Sharon Ede

  • Relocalising Production

    Australian initiatives and organisations focused on local production

    Open Source Assistive Technologies

    AbilityMate is a unique collaborative project based in Sydney which is focused on life-changing, 3D printed posture & mobility equipment for children with disabilities.



    500km Textiles

    Fibreshed has established in Victoria as a community to connect people who grow, process, manufacture and design clothing fibres within 500km of Melbourne, Australia.




    Digital Platform to Sell and Distribute Local Food

    Open Food Australia is a not profit and open source software tool, specifically designed for local food enterprises.



    Community Owned Renewable Energy Generator & Retailer

    Enova Energy, Australia’s first community-owned energy retailer in the Northern Rivers NSW area, offers customers locally generated rooftop solar power.



    Urban Farming

    Pocket City Farms takes unused spaces within Sydney metro and turns it into productive, arable farmland that generates fresh local produce harvested on market day with virtually zero 'food miles'.



    eWaste Recycling Hackerspace

    Substation33 in Logan, Brisbane, is a social enterprise that offers opportunities for marginalised people.




    Community Energy

    Hepburn Wind is the owner and operator of Australia’s first community-owned wind farm, at Leonards Hill, about 100km north-west of Melbourne. The 4.1 MW wind farm hosts two turbines called Gale and Gusto, who produce enough clean energy for over 2000 homes.



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