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    Sharon Ede

    Sharon is an urbanist and activist with a background in the ecological cities movement, who works to build the sharing and collaborative movement in Australia and beyond.


    She has worked in State government in South Australia for twenty years, in roles including environmental planning, greening of government, resource efficiency and collaborative economy. During this time, she won a Foundation for Young Australians scholarship to intern with an organisation in the US (from which evolved the Global Footprint Network), and helped established the Ecological Footprint concept in the state, which was later incorporated as a target in the Strategic Plan for South Australia.


    In 2011, Sharon 2011 launched Cruxcatalyst, to support others who are seeking to become more effective messengers and change agents for sustainability.


    In 2012, she set up Share Adelaide to curate sharing ideas and news for South Australia, including national and international content.


    In 2013, she conceived and helped develop & launch ShareNSave, a a digital platform to map community sharing initiatives and skills in South Australia that helps people use less resources through sharing (now decommissioned; map recreated here)


    In 2014-15 she was a member of the organising group of Maker Faire Adelaide.


    In 2016, Sharon was selected as a Sharing Cities Fellow by US-based Shareable to collaborate on producing a book, contributing to the Housing and Mobility chapters of 'Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons'.


    In 2017, Sharon successfully advocated for funding for community based shared fabrication spaces, including the flagship Makerspace Adelaide.


    In 2019, she co-authored a chapter called 'Maker-Activists in the Post-Growth City' in 'The Critical Makers Reader: (Un)Learning Technology'.


    In 2020, she published her first fiction novel, MAGE, which has the tagline: 'What if we could feel the future before it arrives?'


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